Typographic business card mockup

Typographic Business Card

Standard size personal business card that uses typography both decoratively and informatively. Name is used as a decorative element and information includes title, street address, two numbers, email, and web address. Three colors are used that have varying values resulting in good contrast for easy readability. Overall card communicates contact information clearly as well as individual's personality.

Contrast is the main principle of design used in the creation of this card. The name is set in Egyptian Slate bold, a heavy slab serif, which sets it apart from the thin sans-serif, Neue Haas Grotesk Display Pro roman, used for the rest of the information. The name is also in white which contrasts with the blue-green background giving it more attention. Gold is used to set apart the title and web site which contrasts with the blue-green background. Additionally, a medium weight is used for the web site to help contrast and set it apart from the other information on the card.

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Typographic business card and style guide
Typographic business card and style guide