Marvelous Mason Jar infographic mockup

The Marvelous Mason Jar Infographic

The Informing America project seeks to educate average Americans about controversial, little known, or misunderstood topics. This is accomplished through information rich mini-sites that present the topics in easy to understand and visually appealing ways. Learn more about the seriousness of food allergies, the symptoms of a reaction, and how to respond at this site.

Content for the site was gathered from peer reviewed journals, personal interviews, and survey results. The information was then compiled and the text for the site was written in a personable, yet informing, tone. All elements of the site relate back to the topic. Visually interesting and informing charts and graphs were created to help users easily understand and digest the information being presented.

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Detail images from the Marvelous Mason Jar infographic
Detail images from infographic
Marvelous Mason Jar infographic
Marvelous Mason Jar infographic