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Logo for the Systematic and Engaging Early Literacy (SEEL) program created in both English and Spanish versions.

The organization was researched to determine a direction for the logo that would fit with their values and mission. Several ideas were sketched that conveyed engagement and fun, and they were presented to the client. After the initial concept was selected, refinements were made and typography and colors were picked. The font and colors used continued the playful nature of the logo.

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English and Spanish SEEL logos
English and Spanish SEEL logos

Client Feedback

Jocelyn Tucker served as a freelance designer for the Brigham Young University's early literacy project that I direct, Systematic and Engaging Early Literacy (SEEL). In this capacity she made a most valuable contribution to our website. We hired Jocelyn to create logos for our work in Spanish and English. She exhibited exceptional skills and was committed to meet our needs.

Jocelyn's designs were excellent. She demonstrated expertise and creativity in developing a core of logo options; and we were extremely pleased with the options that she provided. They were playful, eye catching, and captured the essence of our program. The product will help users who will encounter a clever, compelling, appealing design that clearly conveys our mission.

In addition to displaying her skills, Jocelyn was enjoyable to work with. She engaged in a collaborative approach that permitted us to benefit from her direction while also permitting us to contribute to development of the product. I most appreciated the clear manner in which she guided our team through the process and options. She was dedicated to ensuring that we were completely satisfied with her design work and that we received what we needed within our timeframe. We were extremely pleased with her work and will be delighted to hire Jocelyn in the future for design and development work.

Barbara Culatta
Creator of Systematic and Engaging Early Literacy
Professor Emeritus
Brigham Young University

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