Rafting the Main Salmon River

Meet Simon

  • Certification Level: 5
  • Years Experience: 10+
  • Email: simon@salmonriveradventures.com

Simon is a veteran of 10+ years of whitewater and has guided throughout the Western US, Costa Rica, Peru, and India. He is an adventurous boater, whether it's pioneering new stretches of whitewater or enhancing the experience on more familiar rivers by running them on his inflatable crocodile. Simon is a Whitewater Voyages alumni and managed for many years on the Kings River. When not floating a river Simon can be found climbing, biking, cooking, juggling and doing yoga. He’s an avid historian and philosopher and has a passion for exploration both in the world of the mind and in the world at large. If you get him in the right mood you might get to hear about his unique combination of libertarian – environmentalism mixed with obscure philosophical references and 'go bag' basics. Simon is a renaissance guide who is equally good at logistically complicated trips, backbreaking days, five star cooking, and philosophical conversations. He is currently in grad school but still spends big chunks of his spring and summer here.*