Rafting on the Lower Salmon River

Site Plan

Site Description

Site Purpose

The site will provide detailed information and pictures about activities along the Salmon River that are good for individuals, small groups, and even families. The site will display the uniqueness of the Salmon River as well as the surrounding area and entice individuals to book an adventure with the company.

Target Audience

  • Who: Male and female, with and without families
  • Age: Typically 18-65 years old
  • Education: All education levels
  • Income: Income levels will typically be between $15,000 and $90,000 annually
  • Language: English
  • Technology: Mostly desktops and laptops, with some tablets and phones. Audience is comfortable using the web and navigating sites
  • Motivation: They will be looking for a once in a lifetime adventure for individuals and small groups, including families

Content Architecture

Content List

What can you tell me about the Salmon River?
  • Give a brief overview of the Salmon River and its attraction – Text & Images
What activities does your company provide? What are the costs? What are the age limits? How many people can participate per activity? How long does the activity last? What do I need to provide?
  • List of activities including whitewater day trip, fishing options, and multi-day trips. List cost, age limit, participation number, and duration for each activity as it varies. Include a list of any equipment that participants should provide where appropriate – Text & Images
What will we see during our activity?
  • Include pictures of the actual activity and pictures of the surrounding area. – Images
Are your guides trained? How much experience do they have?
  • Include background for each guide including any certifications, number of years experience, bio, name, picture, and email – Text & Images
Can I contact you with questions?
  • Phone number, contact form – Text
How do I book an activity?
  • Instructions and form for booking an activity – Text
Where are you located?
  • Include address and where to meet for each activity – Text & Image

Style Guide

Color scheme

Dark Green
Footer links, link hover, page accents, body background color Default body text, header accent color, primary navigation, book button color, footer text Heading level 1, link visited, heading level 3, jump link hover, body background color Body text background, logo color, site level heading, footer link hover, primary navigation hover, book button link color Heading level 4-6, header background, footer background, links, jump link color


The primary font is Open Sans which is a sans serif font. The site heading, as well as all other headings, and navigation are Rock Salt which is a cursive font. Both fonts are Google fonts.

Open Sans font sample

Open Sans font sample.

Rock Salt font sample

Rock Salt font sample.

Item Font Size Color
Default body text
(Dark Green)
'Open Sans', sans-serif 16px (1em) #113239
Site level – Heading level 1 (H1)
'Rock Salt', cursive 64px (4em), normal #fffcff
Background: #42744e
Primary Navigation
(Dark Green)
'Rock Salt', cursive 16px (1em) #113239
Background: #42744e
Heading level 1 (H1)
'Rock Salt', cursive 36px (2.25em), normal #284c65
Heading Level 2 (H2)
'Rock Salt', cursive 28px (1.75em), normal #42744e
Heading Level 3 (H3)
'Open Sans', sans-serif 22px (1.375em), bold, all caps #284c65
Heading Level 4, 5, 6 (H4, H5, H6)
'Open Sans', sans-serif 16px (1em), bold #42744e
Footer text
(Dark Green)
'Open Sans', sans-serif 12px (.75em), normal #113239
Background: #42744e


Navigation is centered at the top of the page running horizontally below the company logo and name. It is dark green (#113239) text on a background color of green (#42744e). Hovering changes the text to off-white (#fffcff). Navigation moves to the bottom on phones. To allow more room for the navigation, the company logo is the link to the home page and the "Book an Adventure" link is shortened to "Book".