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Welcome to Bear Fitness! Our staff is here to help you succeed in your fitness goals and reach the healthy lifestyle you want to obtain. Membership gives you access to state-of-the art equipment, free classes, personal trainers, and a fitness community that will support you every step of the way. Call for an appointment or visit today to start on your journey to becoming Bear Strong!

Bear Fitness exercise equipment

State-of-the art equipment includes ellipticals, rowing machines, spin bikes, cable crossovers, squat racks, and more.

Bear Fitness yoga class

Our classes provide something for everyone at convenient times throughout the day. Enjoy the energy and comradery of a class that will push you and make you stronger.

Bear Fitness trainer giving assistance

Personal trainers can guide you along the path to becoming a better you. Schedule a group or personal session and make your workout time efficient, effective, and fun.